Family Time Blessings

We hope you have a great spring and summer. Enjoy time with family as you reach out to those who are hurting and in need of the Love of God. Watch CTN in Tallahassee on Channel 45.1 (antenna and Prism) and 239 on Comcast. Please share this video with friends. Let us know what we […]

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself

reach new heights with Christ

“What Really Makes You Tick?” Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself. Let this be a preparation to self-improvement. Be all you can be. I’ve heard that somewhere. I often see myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are, but of course it’s hard to think of anything else when there […]

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Watch and Pray – New

A life with Jesus. It begins with Salvation but that’s not all. That would be plenty, but there is a life with Him – blessings, deliverance, and walking with Him in the presence of His Holy Spirit. Watch Big Bend CTN on Channel 45.1 and 239 (Comcast). Be blessed. Share the greatness of His love […]

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