7 Stars – We Need Your Help

We need 7 Stars To Shine.


This morning, as I was meeting with the CTN Big Bend team, I mentioned that we need to pray for new partners to join the mission to bring the Word of God to people in Tallahassee & Thomasville.

While I was talking I heard this number in my spirit: 7.

CTN Big Bend is a TV Station that is dedicated and determined to spreading the Gospel in Tallahassee and Thomasville. We are a non-profit ministry and we are supported by our viewers.

The need is great.

Sometimes when the need is greater, the support is lower. We are a resource which is unique to the area. We are the only 24 hour Christian TV station that is local. We are over the air with our broadcast signal and we are on Comcast as well.

We are praying for 7 new partners.

If you are one of those seven, please visit this link: https://donorbox.org/ctnbigbend

It is time to go forward with making a larger impact on this community. Let’s do this thing. There are several ministries that we are partnering with, so I would be excited to think that you could be a part of this too.

We need your monthly support make this step forward. Please pray if you think you could be one of the seven new partners. Here is a simple online form that will help you to donate and set it to automatically renew every month. https://donorbox.org/ctnbigbend

Click Here To Be One of The Seven New Partners.

You can even do this on a mobile phone.


Blessings –




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