Are You Thankful For The Struggle?

A while back, I was in worship. My mind went all remorseful. I began to regret stuff. you know, like the things I’ve done, but, even more so, the things I haven’t done. Feeling a bit old and miss the boat-ish.

Then the Spirit gave me a quick visual of a father looking at his son and saying something like “I like all of you.” I came to tears. His Holy Spirit showed me a fast track rewind of sorts of my life. He assured me that I am right where He needs me now.

If the things that I wanted to happen were the things that I experienced in my life, I would be less dependent on God. I would not have the same relationship with Him, the same knowledge, the same presence.


I would not trade His presence for anything. Nope. Not even that. I learned to be thankful for the struggles. The things that took me to my knees are the things that will one day be seen as a part of the journey.

Joseph was so driven by his love for God. He stated that the very thing that the Enemy meant for his harm were turned into blessings and salvation for him. How awesome is the wisdom of God.

Have you ever been in the midst of struggle, only to realize afterwards that His awesome power and love has placed you right in His will? Share your story in the space below.



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