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 An URGENT Message For Christians Struggling To Lose Weight

Christian Scholar Uncovers

2,700 Year Old Biblical Manuscript…

… Reveals The Secret To Burning
1 Pound Of Fat Every 72 Hours
(And Eliminate Cravings)?

Finally… A Christian Diet, Proven By Science To Increase Fat Loss By 305%, With God By Your Side!

christian weight loss
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Do you have a King James Bible?

everything you’ll ever need to know about fat loss… 

… Is hidden on page 737 of this Bible, inside the Old Testament.

You see, this page contains an ancient fat-loss secret

Which was given to the people of Israel 2,700 years ago, when God spoke to His “13th Prophet”.

But here’s the best part:

A BRAND-NEW study from the University of Pennsylvania has proven that this method can help you burn fat 305% faster! [1]

Making this the SECRET to burning 1 pound of fat every 72 hours…

While eliminating cravings and allowing you to eat ALL your favorite foods

… And at the same time, bringing you closer to God, and losing weight with Him by your side.

Please understand… If you or a loved one is still struggling with stubborn belly fat

This may be the most important message you’ve ever heard!

You see…

It all comes down to my…

“Weird” Fat Loss Secret From The Bible, Proven By Science To Burn 305% More Fat!

In a moment, I’m going to tell you the fascinating story of how God gave this secret to the “13th Prophet”…

And how, starting today, YOU can use this secret to burn 1 pound of fat every 72 hours

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Like I said, my name is Tom McCann, and I’m one of Ireland’s top fat-loss experts.

For the last 12 months, I’ve been immersed in a cutting-edge research project: To uncover the long-lost health secrets of the Bible.

And we’ve found something shocking that I’d like to share with you today.

For centuries, this secret has been overlooked and forgotten by pastors, scholars and even the most devout Christians…

After all, even if you read the Bible every day, you won’t find anything about push-ups or the keto diet!

But what you will find is an ancient fat-loss secret, which can help you lose 20, 30 or even 40+ pounds of fat!

… Faster than you ever thought possible.

And cutting-edge medical research has proven this is one of the fastestand most effective fat-loss methods on the planet!

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This is why celebrities such as Chris Pratt, star of Guardians of the Galaxy, are a huge fan of this diet. [2]

It’s why Fox News say it leads “to a disciplined mind and soul.” [3]

While, one of the world’s largest Christian websites, called it “One-Of-A-Kind.” [4]

I like to call it, “A Biblical Diet That Works!

Daniel is the 13th Prophet because he’s the 13th prophet we learn about in the Bible.

And Daniel is one of the most important and well-respected figures in the Old Testament.

  • Daniel was famously fed to the lions, trapped in a cave with them overnight. But when the guards came to remove his body, they found him alive and unharmed. God had come down and saved him.
  • The Angel Gabriel appeared to Daniel, helping him to understand his visions of God and the messages they contained.
  • And he used his unique ability to communicate with God to become the King’s most trusted advisor.

But here’s what most people don’t know:

Daniel Was The Bible’s Health Expert!

You see, Daniel lived in Babylon and worked for the powerful King Neb.

Daniel and his three friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah lived inside the King’s palace, working as the wisest men in the Kingdom.

There was just one problem.

The palace Daniel lived in was pagan. This meant that the food they ate had been sacrificed to idols and the meat was made from unclean animals.

This is strictly forbidden by Jewish dietary customs.

So Daniel and his friends made a decision that they would follow God instead of following the world.

As we can read in Daniel, 1:8-16,

But what is pulse?

Pulse is simply a list of clean foods as described in Leviticus 11.

In the Jewish faith, these are considered to be the foods blessed by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

And the result of this secret given to Daniel was a…

2,700 Year Old Biblical Secret To Burning 20+ Pounds Of Fat… FAST!

According to scripture, this diet changed the lives of Daniel and his friends.

They looked better. They had more energy. They were free of disease.

It was obvious to everyone in the Palace, including the King, that they were different.

Daniel and his friends didn’t just have physical health…

They also had wisdom and discernment 10 TIMES greater than the other men in the Kingdom.

Which is how Daniel became the King’s most trusted advisor. A position he would hold for 75 years outliving three different Kings!

But here’s the craziest part of all:

This isn’t just about Daniel and his special diet.

This is only the beginning of a much deeper story.

You see, when I realized that Daniel was an ancient health expert,  I thought to myself:

“What other health advice might be hidden inside the Bible?”

So go ahead right now, sign up for Christian Fat Loss and I’ll see you inside the program.

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Starting this journey also helps support Christian Television of Tallahassee fund operations.

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