Does Your Pastor Broadcast His Sermons?

Broadcast On Big Bend CTN in Tallahassee

Be on TV in Tallahassee
Photo from: PIRO4D – Pixabay

Have you ever asked your pastor why he doesn’t broadcast on local TV and Cable?

Do you wish you could share your worship services with your neighbor, your co-worker, your Aunt?

Does someone record the church sermons on video?

If so, we can help you to get your pastor’s sermons on the air. It is a simple process that we can walk you through.

Are there costs? Yes, we have to pay for airtime and programming, so we would naturally need to ask for help in that. But overall, it can come from something as simple as a coffee can n the back of the sanctuary, or a separate offering collection. There are several ways to ask the congregation to help reach out to the community.

Simply call 850-402-1116 and Paul, will help you get started.

If you want to see your pastor’s sermons on TV, we can make it happen.

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