Even If They All Like You

i peter 1:24

What if you got all the Facebook likers to like you?

Sooner or later, your eyes will dim. Your grass will wither.

Have you ever had a close friend who turned on you in a heartbeat? Did you replay moments in your life, to try to figure it out? What happened? What did you say?

I got to tell you, sometimes there’s nothing you can do to predict. Sure, we are fallible. We are, as they say, “human.” But a true friend ought to stick a little closer.

Fame is indeed like a fleet enema. It washes away, sometimes in a whoosh.

The esteem of man can be a boost, but it never lasts, not for anyone, especially on the internet. The esteem of our true Father in Heaven is what counts. With His favor comes advantages that no mere mortal can hold.

Thank you Savior for placing your pure righteousness on me. Otherwise I would not stand in the judgement. As my deeds and my hair flies away like the withered plants of the field, my the legacy be that of the Master, my Savior.

You are loved.

No amount of “likes” on a web site can equal to just one “love” from the Creator of all. It’s His Book that you and I need to be listed in. Let us serve each other in charity and grace and realize that we will never convince the whole world to like us.

Have a blessed week, and keep serving Him.




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