Free Book Friday – Abolition By Kevin Novak

Abolition: Overcoming the Christian Establishment on Education

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Abolition is an idea whose time has come. The civil government’s days of dictating what ideas our children are exposed to, are numbered. The civil government school system is going to be abolished, as God never granted the civil government the right to use force and coercion to advance thought. Christians are on notice of this, as most of them foolishly think they can “reform” a civil government school system that should not exist in the first place.

In this work attorney Kevin R. Novak talks about what no major Christian leader is willing to talk about, which is that even though the civil government school system is a tyrannical mechanism that commands our youth to think in anti-Christian terms, it must be abolished based on how God ordains the family government to raise children in the Lord’s nurture and admonition. Mr. Novak explains how America’s Christian leaders (the “Christian Establishment”) are, for a variety of reasons, responsible for the American decline. Lord willing, if Christians disregard the Christian Establishment we may have a revival.

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