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Free Book Friday – The Founding Conservatives

History For The Taking

Thank you to those who have shared our Free Book Friday posts. Keep up the good work.

This is just a simple way to give to the community and, in the process, get the word out that we are here in Tallahassee.

The Free Book Friday prize this week is:

The Founding Conservatives By David Lefer

The founding conservatives book

Here’s a little blurby thing from Amazon:

“According to most versions of history, America’s founders were united in their moderate political philosophy. But in fact the Revolution was nearly derailed by extremists who wanted to transform the entire society. If not for a small circle of conservatives who kept radicalism in check and promoted capitalism, a strong military, and the preservation of tradition, our country would be vastly different today.

…David Lefer provides an insightful and gripping account of the birth of American conservatism and its effect on the earliest days of our nation.”

So, whether you are getting over your last tea party or you just got back from putting your John Hancock on a check to the powdered wig society, this is so worth the read.

What’ya gotta do? Just let me know your favorite patriot below. And that can be wide open, in the sense that you can pick the era. Just know that ridiculous answers like “Mr. Ed” will be accidentally deleted.

Let’s hear it for the patriots! What’ya got? Enter below for a chance to win.

I leave you, my friend with this awesome interview with the big daddy, the author himself.





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