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Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America (Hardback) by Dana Loesch

dana loesch hands off my gun

Next Friday, we will draw a winner to receive this hardback book. Here is the Amazon description:

Respected conservative talk show host, blogger and TV commentator Dana Loesch gives her views on the history and intent of the Second Amendment and discusses what she believes gun confiscation would mean to Americans’ basic rights as citizens.

How many people in America today are truly well-versed in the history of the Second Amendment, and why it was included in the Bill of Rights?

In HANDS OFF MY GUN, Dana Loesch explains why the Founding Fathers included the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights, and argues that “gun control” regulations throughout history have been used to keep minority populations under control. She also contends that current arguments in favor of gun control are primarily based on emotions and fear.

This narrative is a must-read for every Second Amendment supporter. Dana Loesch is a determined and fierce advocate for those rights and shouts out: hands off my gun!

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If you want to get a copy on Amazon, click on this link. Remember to use amazon smile and designate Christian Television of Tallahassee as your “cause” of choice.


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