How Important Is Christian TV in Your Community?

The need for the Gospel

How strong is the need for the Gospel? How important is clean television for your community? Would you be glad to have Christian TV available 24 hours a day?

CTN Big Bend is THE local Christian TV station for Tallahassee and Thomasville.

The challenge of technology

I know that people are catching videos on their laptops and phones, but the stats show that they are not throwing away the TV. Most people are doing both things – watching TV and surfing the web on a device, at the same time.

Many people turn on the TV to “wind down.” As a matter of fact, the average household has a TV on for 5 hours every day. That means a great opportunity for the Gospel. Many people have testified that they found Salvation through a chance encounter with a Christian ministry on TV.

Much of the technology has come down in price. That’s good news in some ways, but as innovations enter the market, a TV station needs to keep up as well as possible.


Here it comes.

At CTN Big Bend TV, we need your help. We are currently seeing a deficit in partner donations and our operation costs.  Oh, did I mention? – We need your help.

We are a viewer supported ministry. We are here to help you grow closer to God through Christian teaching and worship programs.

The opportunity of the ages

Now, we can reach out to people with a combination of local and worldwide ministries. We can partner together for the good of our community as well as the world. We can bring the very Word of God through Christian programs and Church services.

Will you help make a difference in someone’s life?

To Help, Please Click Below:

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  1. Nice Question. christian TV is very important in our community because it spreads a lot of positive message to all the people around the world. through these kinds of christian movies and channels even non- Christians get a lot of motivation.

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