Memorial Day

Do we observe Memorial Day?

When I was younger (and smaller) I don’t remember celebrating Memorial day very much. I think I always got a day off school. In the summer movie season, Memorial Day starts it off. Get ready for Dwayne “The Rock” to kick some… kicking places and to jump from a crane to an open window. Get ready for Tom Cruise, at age 55, to get beat up and run over, and still get the bad guy.

But lately, it seems that there are some good Memorial Day PSAs, TV ads, radio spots, etc. I am glad. I did not realize the sacrifice that we honor this day. And it has always been in my face, yet, until years ago, I was blind to it.

My father lost his two brothers to WWII. One died. One came back and eventually died from his damage. What do we do with this? No wonder my Grandma used to practically squeeze my Charmin out whenever I would sit with her and listen to her stories. If I would have been able to recognize her grief, I would have probably offered up myself for more squeezing.

We have been in a perpetual war for really a couple decades now.

Why can’t we win this? I believe I know, but that is for another day. However, we understand war, we understand heroes because our sons, daughters, Moms, dads, and co-workers are actively making this same kind of sacrifice that Grandpa did. We had a little peace there… whether you like it or not, the face I can put on it is Ronald Reagan. Could it be that he understood the evils of war and knew how to keep us out of it?

OK. So I must say “Thank You” to that funny guy for keeping me out of war. I must thank my uncles and my friends, and all who stand in front of the danger that wants to make it to my doorstep – but it does not.

Thank you to everyone who gave their own life for mine and for my family members’ lives. You are the friends who have shown a Christ-like example. You cared. You committed. I cannot let myself ever forget.

May you rest in peace. Thank you deeply.

Note: Please list the special people in your life who have given their lives in service to you and your country.

Here: this might be a goo way to get your children started young.


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