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Amazon Smile Shopping Can Help Christian TV in Tallahassee

Support Christian TV In Tallahassee

The Amazon Smile program is great.

This is how Amazon gives back to various charitable causes. We have benefited from this program at CTN Big Bend. It is so simple. Follow the link on this site or simply go to and follow the directions to designate Christian Television of Tallahassee as your charity. Then, every time you shop on Amazon (remember to enter through our little mission in Tallahassee will be helped.

How Simple

It doesn’t cost you anything. It doesn’t cost us anything. It simply comes from Amazon to CTN Big Bend. See. Maybe we can be listed as one of Oprah’s favorite charities.

2018-11-07_16-58-58.pngOK, probably not, but we can be your favorite.

Let’s make a difference this year with our online shopping. Think of the people in Tallahassee that need to hear the powerful Word of God and His testimony. Lives are being changed thanks to God and His people like you.

Click Here To Get Started.

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