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Around The Bend Episode 8 – Bobbie Agee

I had a fun talk with Bobbie Agee from This Is Your Life. This Is Your Life is a new program which airs every Tuesday at 7:15 PM on CTN Big Bend TV45.

Tune in early. I’m thinking you don’t want to miss the powerful testimonies that are happening on this show.

That’s what they do.

They simply share what God has done for them and the Holy Spirit does the rest. Have you ever been hard to convince? Usually, it takes most of us a while to be talked into something. Then, if we meet someone who has walked through the experience first hand, we are a little more open to listen.

Well, listen.

Bobbie and I talk about the joy in serving God and following the Holy Sprit on a daily basis. Click below to watch right here on ctnbigbendtv.com.


There is a time – Encouragement

What time is it? After you look at your watch, ponder the bigger picture as described in Ecclesiastes chapter 3.

For everything there is an appointed time, a time for every matter under heaven: (Ecc. 3:1 – LEB)

I want you to remember that the very path that the sun takes today and the very movements of the wind and the clouds, was ordered at the beginning of time. The moon that you see tonight was meant to be there.

You are meant to be here. Call on your Creator Father. Expect His wind (Holy Spirit) to move you to exactly where you need to be to be close to Him. This is your appointed time? What matters under heaven are you tending? Are you seeking to be closer to Him. That is what the Savior’s desire is.

You were made for Him. You were made for this time. Come unto Him, and He will draw near to you – face to face. Image0997

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Grand Canyon – Creation Solved

If there’s one thing that makes a non-believer upset, it’s proof in the very thing that they doubt. In my life I have had precious few discussions with atheists who truly wanted answers.

The author of this book was an atheist tour guide for the Grand Canyon. He eventually became a believer. Now he is convinced.

This book is full of proof of creation.

Donate to CTN your offering of $20 or more and you will receive this beautiful hardback photo book for your coffee table.

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grand canyon

Here is the Amazon description of this book:

“Explore the majesty and beauty of one of God s greatest creations Includes 20 Essays from Leading Grand Canyon Authorities: Steve Austin, John Baumgardner, Ken Cumming, Duane Gish, Werner Gitt, Ken Ham, Bill Hoesch, Russ Humphreys, Alex Lalomov, Henry Morris, John Morris, Gary Parker, Andrew Snelling, Keith Swenson, Larry Vardiman, Tas Walker, John Whitcomb, Carl Wieland, & Kurt Wise See the canyon from a biblical perspective and understand how it f its into the flood of Noah Exquisite photographs of the Grand Canyon with explanatory essays from top authorities of the canyon A layman s guide to the geological &religious implications of the canyon For years, Colorado River guide Tom Vail told people how the Grand Canyon had formed over the evolutionary time scale of millions of years. Then he met Jesus. Now, Tom has a different view of the Grand Canyon. According to a biblical time scale, the Grand Canyon can t possibly be more than a few thousand years old, and that is what Tom now believes. Come and tour the Grand Canyon with Tom Vail as your guide. Filled with stunning photos that will take your breath away and stimulate your imagination, this book also has many facts about the Grand Canyon presented in a biblical light. A beautiful gift book as well as an intellectual pleaser, this compilation is sure to be a family favorite.”



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