What’s Happening Around The Bend Tallahassee?

Around The Bend Episode 8 – Bobbie Agee

I had a fun talk with Bobbie Agee from This Is Your Life. This Is Your Life is a new program which airs every Tuesday at 7:15 PM on CTN Big Bend TV45.

Tune in early. I’m thinking you don’t want to miss the powerful testimonies that are happening on this show.

That’s what they do.

They simply share what God has done for them and the Holy Spirit does the rest. Have you ever been hard to convince? Usually, it takes most of us a while to be talked into something. Then, if we meet someone who has walked through the experience first hand, we are a little more open to listen.

Well, listen.

Bobbie and I talk about the joy in serving God and following the Holy Sprit on a daily basis. Click below to watch right here on ctnbigbendtv.com.



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